Wet 20′ Show

Creative director #PapaOyeyemi takes us on a “personal” journey to explore Hypochondriasis, a condition that overwhelms an individual with an intense fear of having a serious underlying illness.

Titled “Hypochondriac, an individual with Hypochondriasis “ Wet ‘20 addresses the feeling that constantly perpetuates “his” creative space with a daily sense of daring anxiety, enveloping his mental state with a feeling that everything is stagnant and a constant struggle to create a safe place of mental/emotional wellness.

Wet ‘20 at the same time, celebrates in its spirit, the beauty of the earth with the runway designed to capture the magnificence of a balance between the sea and sands.

The Designs finds a reinterpretation of fresh beauty in stark contrasts. “Hypochondriac” communicates an aesthetic of urban elegance embedded in ultra-matte fabrications using a patchwork of techniques paired with rain boots and sneakers, introducing a whole new dimension to it through specially developed techniques.