Suit 20′ Capsule Collection

Intrigued by the corporate man’s audacity and the quest for finesse, creative designer #PapaOyeyemi continues on this fabulous artistic reinvention to explore his imagination of being able to see himself through the reflections of the corporate man, with a seemingly prim and proper approach to the corporate world, creating a moment of escape and introspection outside of time.

The pieces combine the tradition of pairing layered suits with shirts, ties, and knotted scarves through the poetry of the hand, with color diffusing delicately across in a palette containing many essences of a modern odyssey.

Suits Spirit

This aesthetic journey with its pure, minimalistic lines plays on transforming everyday material into the creation of dazzling enchantment 
The structure of the set was designed to capture an emblematic play at transparency, finesse, and depth through very clean black and white silhouettes emphasizing the need for conformity within the society.
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