Artisanal 2023



Collection Title: 101212

“People in a hallway so brightly lit, it hurts… They speak of sexuality, politics, religion, and the place of God in the lives of contemporary people…

They prattle on in excited voices, as people do in a crowded airport, moving in and out of an alternative reality composed of their consumerist desires and dreams of a better life.

In the midst of the melee, one face stands out – that of Judgy Stella – whose eyes reflect a studied sophistication and swim in pools of exotic fantasy.”

The concept that underpins the Artisanal Wet/Dry 2023 collection is illustrated by the character Judgy Stella. 101212 is one of the oldest Lagos postcodes in existence, and it holds essential clues to the essential nature of this character.

Various design elements drawn from Maxivive’s past sixteen years are pinned to the mood board. Highly emotive colours and shapes that are sewn or glued to a plain canvas seem like the wild mood swings of an otherwise sedate personality.

A wide variety of design techniques are employed in weaving new inspiration into these garment creations, bringing chromatic contrast, formal repetition and varying textures into a harmonious union in each intricate piece.

This collection is the result of extensive research into traditional artisanal methods from Africa and beyond, yet the aesthetic futurism that cult followers of Maxivive expect is evident throughout the range of ensembles.

Home to a vivacious and fierce group of unruly who face all odds with their freedom at stake. Inspired by true events.