Truancy – Harmattan ’20/’21 Harmattan 20/21, a White White Maxivive White collection is inspired by a personal story of Papa Oyeyemi, the creative director of Maxivive. Characterized by his mid-adolescence Junior secondary school adventures, acting as the foundation for the collection, the title was gained from the definition of his wayward style within the structure of the schooling […]

Trade – Cruise ’21

On multiple counts a Trade is an outsider: in matters of sexuality; in terms of geographical and cultural dislocation; and in the sense of having to become the sort of respectable grown-up the society might have hoped for. But a Trade’s Identity has been constructed from his own sense of otherness, whether cultural or sexual. […]

Suits 2020

The Suits 2020 pieces combine the tradition of pairing layered suits with shirts, ties, and knotted scarves through the poetry of the hand, with color diffusing delicately across in a palette containing many essences of a modern odyssey.

Suit 20′ Capsule Collection

Maxivive Suits 20 Backdrop

Intrigued by the corporate man’s audacity and the quest for finesse, creative designer #PapaOyeyemi continues on this fabulous artistic reinvention to explore his imagination of being able to see himself through the reflections of the corporate man, with a seemingly prim and proper approach to the corporate world, creating a moment of escape and introspection […]

Shirt 2020 Show

A rush of casualness and essence, Shirt 2020 celebrates the radical quirks.Rooted in a new dimension, immersed in the book of Maxivive.  Radical sensuality informs every piece, the confidence of pure self-expression.  Rich palettes punctuate colorful depth of the multi-functional essence of the pieces in elongated silhouettes, textured fabrication with luxurious comfort and warmth. Gentle […]

Dry 2020 Show

Experience the Maxivive’s ”FOSTER” themed 2019 wrap up showcase. A Papa Oyeyemi’s production, unveiling the Dry 2020 Maxivive By Appointment collection titled ”Foster it All (F.I.A)” as the last collection for the year. On the runway, F.I.A was chaperoned by ”An Apple Pie” and ”BootLeg” both are White White Maxivive white collections for Cruise and […]

Valentine 2020 Show

We all can speak one language, Love.  Find your truth in the expression of love for one or the other.  Plant seeds of your essence in every soul BLU DEVON BACKSTAGE Detecting a need for love, being seen as Love regardless of gender, roles or beliefs. Creative director Papa Oyeyemi prompts a wake-up call, challenging the […]

Pre-Wet 2020 Show

People in a hallway so brightly lit it hurts, speak of religion, sexuality, politics in the lives of contemporary people and on the place of God. People spoke in excited voices, like in an airport, swaying away into another existence, more of what they had planned to buy for a better life.  I left them, […]