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Artisanal Wet/Dry 2022
Collection Title: 100231 
“People In a hallway so dimly lit it hurts. 
It speaks of religion, sexuality, politics in the lives of contemporary people and about the place of God.
People speaking in excited voices, like in an airport, swaying away into another existence, more of what they had planned to buy for a better life.”
Artisanal Wet/Dry 2022
Characterized by a purist ethos acting as the foundation for the collection, the binding subject of research, 100231 – from where the collection derived its name, is a post code to a safe haven. It is a destination, welcoming to originality. Various elements, from the stages of Maxivive’s past 15 years were pinned to the mood board-  expressive colors on a test of purity, binding silhouette, and elevated commercially viable garment studies were generally infused.
As an artisanal collection, expressive and experimental techniques were employed to infuse inspiration into the clothing- marrying contrast and harmony while exploring the local seasons of Wet and Dry- all the while ensuring the functionality of the garments within these seasons.
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